A Full Year of Fun and Festivities at Vista Living Senior Care

Today’s senior living industry takes a more holistic approach to elder care. It’s not just about safety and health. It’s also about mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s about continuing to live life as a person ages – and doing so with dignity.

Senior citizens who move into an assisted living community are often surprised by how lively and engaging these places can be. Vista Living Senior Care is a perfect example of this care option. Here, residents are treated to a variety of entertainment, experiences, and social opportunities.

Every year, our staff organizes an exciting event calendar that keeps residents busy. If you are a senior, you will discover many benefits that improve your emotional and mental health at Vista Living. You can also learn how to build your social circle in assisted living by joining in, which will have a profound impact on overall wellbeing.

Last year was packed with fun and activities. From musical performances to crafts, there was much to see and do. Find out what Arizona assisted living looked like in 2023.


Residents started the fun early in 2023 with a cookie social in January. All four homes hosted a relaxed gathering with delicious treats surrounded by holiday decorations. It was a wonderful time to sit back and enjoy good conversation. What better way to begin the new year in assisted living than surrounded by friends!


Health is important to our residents. We hosted group exercises to encourage physical wellness in February. Our staff led senior-friendly exercises that got residents moving while keeping their safety and mobility in mind.

Residents also participated in a fun Valentine’s Day celebration. Crafts included festive doilies adorned in pink and red hearts. We ended the month with an ice cream social that featured more than six delicious toppings.


A little friendly competition is great for the mind and spirit. Residents joined in fun card games in March. They also enjoyed the beautiful violin music of Tabitha from Roger’s Entertainment. The private concert included classics like Amazing Grace as well as bluegrass, Irish, and Frank Sinatra songs.

We can’t mention March without mentioning Saint Patrick’s Day! Residents created rainbow mason jars filled with sweet treats to share. Residents kept their creativity flowing by crafting personalized mugs later in the month, each featuring an initial with colorful background as well as gorgeous ribbon hyacinths made of bows.

We ended March by getting ready for the growing season. Residents and staff transplanted sweet peas, parsley, basil, tomatoes, sage, and peppers into our spacious raised garden bed.


April brought Easter crafts, like bunny cutouts with finger painted backgrounds. Residents also honored the arrival of spring with pipe cleaner flowers in brilliant colors.

We continued the colorful theme with a study in abstract watercolor in late April. Residents painted fascinating patterns in their favorite hues.

After all that craft time, our residents needed a spa day. So, we gave them one at our fourth Paradise Valley home. Residents relaxed with spa treatments administered by our expert caregivers.


Our Paradise Valley senior living home welcomed May with a Western Spring Fling. This event included a performance by the talented Gail Star and tasty BBQ food enjoyed on traditional red and white checked tablecloths. A total of 60 people participated, many wearing their finest Western attire.

May crafts included coffee filter centerpieces, mosaic tiles, and fabulous 3D butterfly art.


Managing stress is essential at any age. Our residents started June off with morning meditation. We came together and enjoyed a session of peace and tranquility in our cozy residential senior care home.

Later in the month, we enjoyed live guitar music with songs like Country Road and You Are My Sunshine.

We couldn’t get through June without getting our creative juices flowing. Residents sat down for a tie-dye session. We made t-shirts in an array of fun colors.


July is a great time for fireworks, so we made some of our own! Residents painted festive signs for Independence Day. These were hung up on doors and windows.

We also made DIY bookmarks for our readers and celebrated a birthday with a sweet almond cake.


August was another month of fun and socializing. Residents created unique gem houses. These were adorned with beautiful stones that were also symbolic of personal growth and change.


Our assisted living community observed Labor Day on September 4th with a party. We also celebrated three birthdays at the same event. There was a wonderful turnout and lots of fun to be had by all!

We continued creating with wild smash art and fall themed panels. The panels featured autumn flowers and accents, including ribbons and tiny gourds.


Our October sparkled with resident-made autumn cards adorned in glittery turkeys and leaves. We also made scarecrows and had a wonderful time choosing funny parts to stick onto paper pumpkins.

Residents were serenaded by live music in October as well as a visit from Shannon! Shannon is a sweet dog who enjoyed lots of pets and cuddles as well as a visit with our house dog, Tate.


November is a time of gathering and being thankful. Our residents and staff enjoyed a month full of good times with good company.

We also painted ceramic pieces. Working with their hands helps seniors improve dexterity. Painting is also known to improve cognitive function and can provide a positive boost to mental health and mood.


December of 2023 was one to remember! We started by decorating for the holidays. Residents joined in by adorning our Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments. We were also treated to a piano concert performed by students from Phoenix’s Brophy College Prep Academy.

Residents enjoyed an outdoor concert from the Nash Jazz Club Legacy Ensemble, who performed live with our breathtaking mountain vista in the background.

December was packed with more musical performances, including dancing with Christmas bells and a concert from the Shepherd of the Hills Church choir.

Community Events Matter in Senior Living

Community events are important in any assisted living community. They are among the top 5 ways that assisted living helps families of seniors. Social gatherings help prevent isolation, which lowers the risk of depression and the health problems that can come with it.

Older adults who stay active and social have:

  • Improved cognitive preservation
  • Lower risk of cognitive decline
  • Improved mood and lower risk of depression
  • Increased likeliness of staying physically active
  • Overall increase in average longevity

Socializing is a big part of what makes assisted living an ideal choice for many seniors. An active social life starts with access to events, activities, and groups just like the ones found in our event calendar. We can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring to our senior care homes!