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Healthy Living

Caring Atmosphere

We take time to listen to the stories, understand our resident’s background, and we respect the way they choose to live each day.

Beautiful homes with privacy, landscaped gardens, walking paths, and raised garden beds are great for walks and family picnics.

Everyone on the team knows the individual needs, likes, wants and wishes of each resident, just like they would a member of their own family.


5529 E. Calle Tuberia
Phoenix, AZ 85018


5528 E. Calle Tuberia
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Camelback View

4602 E. Camleback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85018

 Vista Living Gives Back

Vista Living donates 600 meals/month or 7,200 meals/yr) to the St. Mary’s Food Bank to help feed hungry families throughout Phoenix. For every resident at Vista Living, we donate 20 meals per month.