Identifying & Building on Strengths

This is the core of our philosophy. We identify intellectual , emotional, experiential and physical strengths that go beyond reviewing someone’s health condition.  It is common for family members to know all about strengths, but much too often in assisted living environments, staff does not notice or show interest in anything beyond what is “necessary.”  At VistaLiving, we have a different philosophy. Our team is comprised of optimists and natural coaches/mentors. We see and embrace our residents as diverse and intricate people who have amazing backgrounds and exceptional stories.  We ensure that we foster an environment where they can shine. Where they are excited to belong, be unique and look forward to new and fun experiences.

Community Enrichment

We believe community is both internal and external.  We take care in helping residents stay connected their outside community as well as their inside community at Vista Living.  Within our homes, we specifically designed the common areas to ensure that “community” is never far away. We eliminated hallways and designated our centralized living room, kitchen, and patio as the hub of group activity.  The community outside of our homes includes friends and family. We encourage visits and the use of technology to help capture special moments for loved ones who are far away.


5529 E. Calle Tuberia
Phoenix, AZ 85018



5528 E. Calle Tuberia
Phoenix, AZ 85018


Camelback View

4602 E Camelback Rd,
Phoenix, AZ 85018