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August 30, 2022 — Vista Living Senior Care, Inc. is proud to announce the opening its fourth assisted living home in the Phoenix area and the first in Paradise Valley. The other three homes are in the Arcadia neighborhood on the other side of Camelback Mountain. The new home offers a similarly welcoming and intimate experience where residents can connect with nature, walk in the courtyard, and even practice on a putting green.

“After tremendous work, we are excited to announce our expansion into Paradise Valley. We believe we have created an exceptional property. It is a new market for us but just minutes from our three other homes in Arcadia. One of our greatest joys is putting smiles on our resident’s faces. Our residents ‘care is our number one priority, and we have a great team who are passionate about helping our seniors,” commented Vista Living CEO Brett Weisel. He continued: “We believe that the Paradise Valley market is undersupplied, and we look forward to providing a great convenient location to residents and families in this community.”

Even though Vista Living Paradise Valley is a 10,000-square-foot home, it strikes a nice balance between the amenities of large communities and the intimacy of smaller assisted living homes. Residents receive more one-on-one care while thriving among a group of peers to prevent isolation. Residents and families can enjoy views of the Camelback Mountains to the south, Mummy Mountain to the east, and the Phoenix Mountains Preserve to the north. Residents can take in the 270-degree views while walking on the property’s extensive 1.1-acre paths and lush garden.

The inside of Vista Living Paradise Valley is just as breathtaking as the outside. The home is designed to maximize its residents’ and families’ enjoyment of light, nature, and mountain views. The home includes 12-foot-high ceilings and an impressive 35 feet of floor-to-ceiling windows and doors in the living room and dining area. Each of the ten suites has 8-foot-high by 8-foot-wide patio doors that open to the resident’s private patio. The kitchen, dining, and living room are open to a large courtyard with unobstructed views of the area. Residents can take advantage of our well-thought-out amenities, including an on-site beauty salon with pedicure chairs and barber services. The home offers wide-open walking trails around the property. Residents can enjoy a large saltwater fish tank in the living room. Indoor entertainment and activities are provided along with HDTVs, raised garden beds, and all the amenities seniors need for daily living. Vista Living Senior Care invites interested families and seniors to schedule a tour of Vista Living Paradise Valley.

Founded in 2016, Vista Living has a mission and passion for providing each resident in our homes with the highest level of personalized care that is loving, warm, and quick to respond to ever-changing health needs. We, including our activities directors and caregivers, leave enough time to socialize, laugh and spend quality one-on-one time with each of our residents. We welcome our families to join us for weekly music events and daily activities. Our homes are best when they are filled with family, music, and laughter that warms everyone’s heart. We strive to give family members the peace of mind that their loved ones are thoroughly cared for every day. At Vista Living, caring for seniors is our way of life, where each resident is a family member. Learn more at: Vista Living Website.