Many of us have seen a senior who is struggling in their home. Some seniors silently believe they have a whole network of support from family and friends.

Daughters may call their mom once a day to inquire if their senior parent is okay OR no answer could mean they fell again and need help.
• Senior falls often lead to dangerous issues including fractured hips
• 911 calls
• skilled nursing care
• physically therapy
• 24/7 care

A son may set up medications in a pillbox for his senior parent, and then call two or three times a day to make sure his parent has taken them.
• This can be effective until the senior gets confused and says “What are these pills for? I don’t want to take them.”
• Not being there in person twice a day to make sure the senior properly ingests the pills can be an issue.

Kind neighbors may make an extra plate of dinner every night and take it to their senior neighbor.
• Neighbors get:
• Frustrated and burned out
• Worried and begin spending more time away from their own family
• This type of support does not last forever

Daughters may spend every other Saturday or Sunday cleaning mom’s house, grocery shopping, and setting up her senior parent to successfully survive for another two weeks.
• No matter how close or how far away the daughter lives, this type of help eventually turns into every Saturday or Sunday. If the daughter works full time, then what?

What is the answer to a senior struggling to manage in their home?
It starts with patience and persistence. As soon as the struggle becomes apparent it is time to start a discussion. You may focus on how the current home is an injury trap, or worse for the elderly, but sooner or later its time to have “The Talk”. Knowing what to expect may make it a bit easier to prepare.

There are five typical results in having “The Talk” with a senior:
1. Denial: “I am just fine living in my own home. I am not ready yet.”
2. Shutting down: “I don’t want to discuss this.”
3. Anger: “Why are you questioning my ability to be independent? Leave me alone.”
4. Confusion: “Don’t you want to come see me everyday? I don’t understand.”
5. Acceptance: “I understand that I have become a burden. Maybe it’s time to look at what my senior housing options could be. I am tired of being lonely. Will you help me look?”

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No one ever chooses memory care or skilled nursing, but those may be the only options for many seniors who waited too long and ended up in a health care crisis needing 24/7 care and can never return home. We are part of your team, a team working hard to provide a high level of senior care, at an affordable price, in an enriching environment.

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