Safety and health are important in an assisted living home, but they aren’t the only things that matter. Seniors should be able to live life as fully as possible. They should have a place that they are proud to call home.

Vista Living offers beautiful accommodations that feel like a residence rather than a facility. While the visual appeal of an assisted living home is important, we also understand that seniors need to feel like they belong. They need a place that they can make their own. We encourage our residents to add personal touches that bring comfort and happiness to their accommodations.

There are several ways to make an assisted living room feel like home. The following list will help you and your loved one get started.

Talk to Your Loved One About the Move into Assisted Living

Communication can make the transition into assisted living much easier. If your loved one is moving into a new senior living home, make sure you talk to them first. Find out what is important to them when setting up their new room. For example, some seniors want to have a comfortable chair or a spot with good lighting to read.

If you have questions about what can be brought into a room, ask the facility’s staff. They can help guide you or provide suggestions that worked for other residents.

Choose Meaningful Pieces to Bring into Assisted Living

Moving into assisted living usually requires downsizing. Many seniors transition from a single-family home into an apartment or room. Space limitations mean that they cannot bring everything with them.

Having to give away, sell, or otherwise discard belongings can be heartbreaking for some seniors. It is much easier to begin decluttering and reducing a while before making the move. This will help your loved one adapt and reduce the workload when the time comes to leave their old home.

A good way to compromise is to choose a few meaningful pieces that will fit in their assisted living room. Seniors can pick out items that are important to them. Bringing these items along will help make their room feel more like the home they once loved.

Display Family Photos and Favorite Art on Walls

Looking at photographs brings back fond memories. They also remind seniors of the many people who love and care about them. The move into assisted living can be difficult. Loneliness is a big concern for elderly people who worry about being forgotten.

Displaying pictures in their room will serve as a reminder that people care about them. They can also inspire positivity with memories of happy times.

Art can have a similar effect. Find creations that are significant to your loved one. If they enjoyed outdoor activities like camping or hiking, then images of nature might be a good addition. If they loved sailing or fishing, consider seaside art. If they were a musician, look for art that features music and instruments. Anything that matches their interests and personality will help make their assisted living room more inviting.

Arrange Furniture to Recreate Home

Most people are familiar with the layout of their homes. It’s a comfort to know right where everything is situated. While you likely can’t recreate every room due to limited space, you can try to arrange furniture to be similar to your loved one’s favorite rooms at home.

If they always had a chair next to a table or window, try to do the same in their senior living accommodations.

Using a familiar setup will help seniors feel more comfortable. And chances are they liked the previous layout and would appreciate something close to it in their new place. It can also make navigation easier for older adults with mobility concerns.

Use Their Favorite Colors, Patterns, and Themes

If you are looking for new décor for an assisted living room, try finding items in the resident’s favorite colors, patterns, or themes. This is a great way to add a personal touch while working with the available space.

A few good ideas are things like throw pillows, curtains, or a chair. These are items that can usually fit safely so they aren’t a tripping hazard and can introduce something special to the room.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, ask your loved one about their favorite colors and patterns. If they love nature, consider using earthy tones with patterns that feature leaves or wildlife. If they love classic style, look for fabrics with ornamental patterns like damask, houndstooth, or quatrefoil.

Introduce Something New for a Fresh Start

Moving into assisted living is the start of a new chapter in a person’s life. That shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing. Instead, it should be presented as a positive. It’s a chance to begin again. They can meet new people, enjoy comfort, and try new things.

To commemorate the occasion, introduce something new to their living space. Is it time to upgrade their old television? Consider buying a new model with a better picture. Maybe a new comfy chair to relax in or a beautiful lamp to brighten their living space would work well. Try to find something that your senior will really appreciate in their new home.

Keep in Touch After the Move into Assisted Living

One of the biggest things families can do to make their loved one feel at home in assisted living is to stay in touch. Check in and find out how they are doing. After they have had some time to adapt, find out if there is anything that they would like to change about their accommodations.

Make a point to visit them and spend time together in their new home. It’s a chance to create new memories and reassure them that you are still thinking about them.

Learn More About Life at Vista Living Senior Care

If you have questions about setting up an assisted living room, let us know. Vista Living senior care staff are available to provide suggestions and information on senior safety. Together, we can create a healthy, welcoming environment for seniors.

Visit Vista Living senior care to learn more or to schedule a tour of our Phoenix assisted living home.