Making Valentine’s Day Extra Special for Your Senior in Assisted Living

Seniors moving into assisted living for the first time are often afraid of being forgotten. This is especially true around holidays. The best way to alleviate those fears and make sure your loved one knows that you care about them is to remember them during these special occasions.

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and companionship. It isn’t limited to romantic relationships, although it’s also a great time to celebrate those bonds as well.

If you have a parent or grandparent in assisted living, make sure you do something fun for them in February. Let them know that you are thinking about them and that they are still an important part of your life.

The social benefits of living in an assisted living community are many, but they don’t override a senior’s need to feel loved by family and friends outside of the facility. Find out what you can do to help make this Valentine’s Day special for your aging loved one.

Plan to Visit on the Holiday or Close to It

Schedule a time to visit your loved one in assisted living on or around Valentine’s Day. Most people do not get a day off work for this holiday, so if you can’t go that day, try to stop by as close as possible. The best thing you can do for your loved one is to be there.

You should also check out the event calendar at the assisted living community to see what activities and gatherings might be scheduled for the day you visit. Some may host special Valentine’s Day luncheons or dinners. Being at these events with your loved one will encourage them to socialize and engage with their senior community. This can be especially important for seniors who recently moved into assisted living.

Decorate Their Room for Valentine’s Day

Help your senior loved one decorate for Valentine’s Day. This can also serve as another reason to stop by for a visit! Bring store-bought decorations or plan an afternoon to get together and craft some of your own.

Valentine’s Day décor is easy to make. You can chain together hearts to make garland or cut out construction paper hearts to hang on windows and doors. Inexpensive silk flowers and embellishments can make your decorations really pop! Sit down with your loved one and create decorations together and then find fun places to hang them up in their assisted living room.

Exchange Valentine’s Day Cards and Candy

Do you remember how much fun it was to make special boxes and exchange Valentine’s Day cards in school? You can do the same with your loved one.

The boxes are optional, but make sure you bring a special card just for them. It’s a meaningful gesture and can spruce up their room for the holiday. You can even turn it into a social activity by giving cards and candy to your loved one’s neighbors.

Buy cards or make them together for each neighbor and then hand them out on Valentine’s Day. It will brighten your loved one’s day as well as those of their fellow seniors in the assisted living community.

Bring Them a Bouquet or a Teddy Bear

Floral bouquets and stuffed animals are among the most common and popular Valentine’s Day gifts. Consider bringing one or both to the senior living home for your loved one.

Ideally, choose something that will fit comfortably in their room. A small room may not be the best place for an oversized teddy bear or enormous bouquet. Make sure they can safely and comfortably display whatever gift you bring so they get the most out of it.

Organize Love-Themed Activities Together

Our luxury assisted living community organizes events through February, but that doesn’t mean you can plan your own activities as well. There are plenty of games and activities for seniors that are easy to enjoy. Some good examples include:

  • Bingo
  • Card games
  • Board games
  • Puzzles
  • Sudoku

Give whatever you choose a Valentine’s Day twist! You can add hearts to Bingo cards or choose puzzles with love or romantic themed imagery. Gather multiple family members or friends to come and play or invite your loved one’s neighbors to make the activity more exciting and fun!

Watch Their Favorite Movie with a Love Theme

Find a movie that your senior loves and enjoy it with them on Valentine’s Day. While romance flicks are a popular choice for this occasion, not everyone is into that genre. Look for something with any kind of love theme (even if it isn’t the focus of the film) or stick with a movie that you both enjoy.

If you want to take it a step further, bring popcorn and put it in red and white striped boxes like they use in movie theaters.

Ask your loved one for their movie recommendations beforehand. Getting them involved in organizing the occasion will make them feel more included. It will also ensure that you choose something you both will love to watch together!

Host a Valentine’s Day Tea Party

An elegant tea party is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Bring small teacups and saucers and a selection of delicious teas. You can also add finger sandwiches, biscuits, or other small desserts like mini cupcakes or petit fours.

You can both wear your finest for the party. Offer to help your loved one get ready, so they feel dressed up for the occasion.

A Valentine’s Day to Remember in Senior Living

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s a Valentine’s Day to remember for your loved one! Find activities and ideas that appeal to their interests. Also keep in mind that many seniors have lost spouses, friends, and family, which can make it difficult to get into the mood to celebrate. Remember to make time for them and be present, even if they just want company on what may be a difficult day.

Seniors who recently moved into assisted living may also struggle with holidays. Keep this in mind if you notice the 10 signs that your loved one is ready for assisted living and are trying to convince a senior to make the move. Reassure them that you will still be a part of their life and they will be a part of yours, especially during these special occasions.

Not only will this help build confidence and improve their mental and emotional wellness, but it will also bring you closer together as a family.