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Vista Living founders Kyle Oura and Brett Weisel each embarked on a personal journey that brought them to a crossroad in their former careers. After their own experiences in placing a family member in assisted living, they knew they had to create something amazing.

Their vision for Vista Living is to plant and nurture happiness, joy, personal growth and a sense of true belonging in each of our residents every day by providing personally engaging experiences, timely compassionate care and meticulously detailed design in each of our homes.

Brett’s Story

“My introduction to senior living came when my 96 year old Grandmother “Grammy” (hope I get her genes) moved into a large senior living community across the country from her many family members and friends. The move ended up being a poor decision and experience for her. The community advertised a Four Seasons experience and did not deliver anything even close to this promise. The senior living community ended up being too sterile and impersonal. The culture was bureaucratic and authoritative. The staff had little or no time for individual needs and took away what she enjoyed without any explanation. We felt like our concerns for her were being ignored. Our Grammy would have had a much better experience in a more personalized and friendly environment that would have given her much more peace, joy and love through her last days. This experience really stuck with me.
After Grammy passed, I began learning more and more about assisted living until deciding to pivot my career towards creating better living environments for seniors. I used my background investing in housing and creating teams to help launch Vista Living with some of the very best professionals in senior living. Fortunately, I found that in Kyle and Vista Living was born. The sense of truly discovering and nurturing the needs and lifestyle desires of our residents is at the core of all we do at Vista Living. I feel very fortunate to have joined forces with our entire Vista Living team. They all have such big hearts, engaging personalities, decades of experience, knowledge, motivation and passion for providing great care.

Before we opened Vista Living in Phoenix, Kyle and I spent two years researching the best partners, services, locations and assisted living design. The research included visiting over 50 assisted living communities in three different states. We took notes on what worked and what did not in each place, and most importantly what the manager and caregivers do to create the right care environment. We also built relationships with dozens of leading senior living experts for every aspect – care, services, architecture/design, etc. Every single detail of the community and the business were carefully planned, designed and implemented with compassion. I feel privileged to offer a better model for senior living.”
Brett Weisel, Co-Founder, Vista Living

Kyle’s Story

“I used to get this ‘old man’ feeling knowing that things will never stay the same.  That one day, I would miss very much what I have today. I reminded myself of that when my dad went deeper into dementia.  I had this fleeting opportunity to show him my gratitude and fulfill part of my life’s obligation to make sure he is comfortable and around people who like him.  As I continued to work in the senior living industry, people would still remind me about his smile. When I see pictures of my dad I am reminded of his friends in the senior home and the workers with big hearts who looked after them.  I hope we can continue this magic with vista living and make every moment count.”


5529 E. Calle Tuberia
Phoenix, AZ 85018


5528 E. Calle Tuberia
Phoenix, AZ 85018

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4602 E Camelback Rd,
Phoenix, AZ 85018