An industry friend and I were on the phone catching up and she commented: “My friends are spending a lot of time caring for their parents. They visit often, coordinate doctors and medication, provide hands-on care or oversee professionals, and handle bills. When it’s no longer safe to stay in their homes, their children help them move.”

Then she asked the question that started me thinking, “But what if you don’t have kids? “Who will swoop in and make decisions if we can’t?” What happens if she follows statistics and outlives her male spouse? Who will care for her then?”

When the time comes, who will help them with tasks like overseeing medical needs and financial items? With proper planning and support, childless adults can approach their senior years with confidence.

Support is Important
It’s not just about having money to hire help. Research links physical and emotional well-being to a strong support system, whether that’s a partner, child, or friends. Isolation, on the other hand, can lead to depression and poor health.

Without kids, you’ll need to plan for your future more carefully. Here are three smart strategies:

1. Face Facts
Sure, your niece and nephew adore you, but do not count on them! Also, realize that even if you’re in good health, something could still happen to you (an accident, an illness, or plain old age).

2. Get Your Ducks in Order
Those ducks include a will, a living will or other advance directive, a health care proxy, power of attorney and perhaps long-term care insurance. Consult with an elder law attorney and a financial planner. Living longer can mean more end-of-life decisions. While you’re at it, keep all your records, policies, documents, bills, and passwords in one safe place and tell those who need to know.

3. Create Your Own Family
When you’re retired, you won’t have the day-to-day interactions, and relationships may lapse. Have replacements waiting in the wings or figure out how you’re going to make them. Church? Town events? A community walking club? Get a group to go to dinner every other month and ask friends to bring friends. Think about who makes up your support system. Most importantly, who would you call in an emergency? It helps to plan so you can control the parts that you’re able to, especially if you don’t have children.

4. Pick a place to live, long term
Now is the time to find your home. A place you can make friends in, enjoy the meals and activities, but most importantly trust the level of care you will receive when the time comes. At Vista Living Senior Care, you’ll see the difference right away.

Vista Living Senior Care is located in the Phoenix Arcadia area and our team has helped seniors improve the quality of their life by making our purpose built 10 resident luxury assisted living homes something special.

At Vista Living Senior Care, our team helps seniors improve the quality of their life by making our purpose built 10 resident Luxury Senior Care Homes in the Phoenix Arcadia area something special.  We focus on Care, Healthier Diet and an Activity Program Focused on Smiles & Laughter.

Sit and Be FIT exercises start our days and attendance is impressive with no one showing up late.

Vista Living Exercise Program

Seniors exercising At Vista Living Senior Care

We urge you to consider Vista Living Senior Care for your loved one, please schedule a tour and learn how we can help.  We know we have something special. Let us show you.  

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